Wednesday, 12 November 2014

DIY painted drawers

 Whilst looking for quirky, cheap, and fast display options for my Top Drawer stand I came across this DIY over on Pinterest, and decided to have a go at making my own version! This isn't exactly a DIY as I figured the steps are pretty easy, but I created two variations using different colours and different styles of triangles, just to show you what you can do!

I bought the drawer units from Ikea - they have a few different styles of drawers. I have actually seen these drawers at car boot sales before, so will be sure to keep my eyes peeled next time as I want to paint more! I used standard craft acrylic paints from Hobbycraft.

I used masking tape to get a clean edge to the line and made sure to give the wood three coats of paint to ensure the coverage was good and even. You could use emulsion from a DIY store to avoid having to give as many coats (Dulux and other brands do a one coat emulsion, and you can get tester sized pots in a huge range of colours for a few pounds.)

 This pink, grey, and white colour combination goes perfectly in my bedroom! But for my studio (and to use at Top drawer) I painted the unit below in a turouqise/minty green and white. These drawers are the perfect size for holding all those random bits and pieces that end up rattling around in cupboards or cluttering up your desk.

Such a simple project, each drawer unit took me around half an hour total to complete (including letting the paint dry between coats.) I didn't bother varnishing or sealing the wood afterwards, but if you'd like you can give it a coat or two once the paint is totally dry using a quick drying wood varnish (I recommend using Ronseal - they do a satin/matte finish which is pretty awesome.)

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  1. I love this IKEA hack DIY - the drawers in Ladybird Likes colours are especially fab. Such a simple but effective idea x


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