Tuesday, 5 August 2014

i heart iphone photos

Wowzers, July has been an incredible month! I can't actually believe it's August already, and it's my birthday in just a few days. It feels like a month or two ago that I was in the midst of Christmas craziness, and now I'm preparing to do it all again. July was wonderful but busy, and I have a feeling August is going to be even more of both.... But first, here is a little recap of what I got up to in July (all descriptions are clockwise from top left.)

selling my wares at the Selina Lake summer fete I was lucky enough to be next to Hello Sketchy selling amazing hand illustrated plates - snagged this one for my bedroom // a new product that has sparked ideas for a whole new range of engraved natural wood pieces // my lucky Ladybird stone from my sister lives on my desk // working on products for the July goodie box - these little packs of awesomeness will be up in my Etsy shop very soon too...

 working on custom pieces for some awesome clients, including these cat face necklaces for Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium // taking more selfies in an effort to be more confident about my appearance, and as a way of keeping track of the outfits I wear // shiny new products in the form of vintage paint by number cat and dog jewels were launched this month // making more time to blog as part of my weekly routine

 the highlight of July for me was attending Blogcademy - I wore these amazing (and so so painful) holographic platform sandals // the decorations were incredible and I definitely want giant paper flowers as part of my home decor now // there was a photobooth and I loved it // selfies in gold glittery ears are my new favourite thing

 discovering awesome Edward Scissorhands graffiti in East London // working on new designs for a range of Ladybird Likes stationery and gift items - as much as I adore jewellery it is so fun to be working on something a bit different! // paper doll prototype for a kit that will be in an upcoming goodie box // coffee and cake date with some of my favourite creative people at Drink, Shop, Do

 having a much needed day off with my mister, and spending it picking strawberries in the sunshine // wearing my ceramic lobster necklace on a Post Office run // new ceramic jewels which flew out in one evening but will be restocked very soon // DIY garland kits which will be on sale nearer to Christmas

Phew! I feel tired just looking at all the stuff I did in July! August is already pretty fully booked - I am doing lots more business mentoring, attending a photography and styling course, launching over sixty new items including stationery and gifts, seeing my best friend get married, going to Frightfest 2014, launching my new website and online shop, and preparing for my first ever trade shop in September. CRAZY TIMES! Happy August though everyone - I hope it's amazing for you all xoxo


  1. + those shoes are so cute (but i'm sorry to hear that they hurt your feet!!)
    + i am in love with that plate!!
    + always a joy to see what new pieces you're working on!!
    + !!!!!! edward scissorhands art work is incredible!!

  2. What a fabulous find! Of course, your own products look amazing as ever. Your candid pictures are definitely adorable as well. I hope everything goes well with the launch of your website and shop. All the best to you!

    Roy Metz @ East Coast Mobile Apps


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