Wednesday, 16 July 2014

new collection: vintage paint by numbers

I've been working on this collection for months now, and am so pleased to finally launch it! the images are of vintage paint by numbers - I love the thought that someone sat and painstakingly completed these paint by number kits, and that I get to use them in my jewellery so you can all look at and admire them! there are six different designs (three cats, and three dogs) and each design is available as a brooch, a small necklace, and a large necklace. the images are on small discs which have been glued onto the wooden 'flower' backing. I love the vintage sort of 70s vibe this gives them. available to buy NOW in my Etsy shop.

the brooches look awesome pinned on to a dress, cardigan, jacket, bag.... anything really! they are large enough to be worn on their own, but small enough to still mix and match with other pieces if you fancy! they are just £10 each.

 the necklaces come on two different length chains, meaning you can layer them up with other chains, and can choose between a smaller more subtle piece, or a bolder statement piece depending on what you feel like! the smaller size necklaces are £13, and the larger are £15.

in the photo above you can see the different sizes of the necklaces - the one on the left (larger size) comes on a long chain, sitting just below the bust, and the one on the right (smaller size) comes on a shorter chain, sitting just below the neckline on most tops and dresses.

to celebrate the launch of the new collection I have a special introductory offer, available until midnight tomorrow (Thursday) only! there is a listing in my Etsy shop set up, which will get you a necklace and a brooch for just £16! that's a saving of up to £9 if buying them separately! this offer will run out at midnight on Thursday 16th July, so get in there if you want one!

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