Thursday, 19 June 2014

car boot sale buys

IT'S CAR BOOT SALE SEASON EVERYONE! sorry for the caps, but I bloody love a spot of car booting! I've only been to two so far this year, however I picked up some awesome bargains. I know when I've posted some photos of them over on Instagram people have been interested, so thought I'd post a bit of a 'haul' over here on the blog.....

 those little toadstools are actually plastic storage pots (I know right?!) and the two books behind are vintage albums filled with postcards from Germany and Switzerland. my Nanny was German and I bought them as they reminded me of her :) and the vintage Mickey Mouse I couldn't leave behind at only 50p - love me a bit of vintage Disney!

 the glass Eiffel Tower bottle at the back must have contained some sort of brandy, as it stank! a nice soak in some washing up liquid and it smells much better now! I picked up the two ceramic jugs for the colours, and will use them for holding flowers. two kitsch ornaments to add to my shelf of tacky stuff (how amazing is the Virgin Mary in the seashells?!) and I've been after a quartz geode for ages, so couldn't resist this for £1. oh and obviously that ET toy was coming home with me. him and his bigger brother are hanging out together.

 oh and check this out - vintage 1970s hairdryer in the most perfect shade of baby blue, fully working, still in the original box, for ONE POUND. oh yes. admittedly it's not the best hairdryer I've ever used, but it's also definitely not the worst! and just look at it. I want to hang it on a wall it's that perfect!

have any of you lovelies been car booting yet this season? did you get any bargains? would you like to see this as a semi-regular feature?


  1. Wow lovely collection of things you picked up then! Especially love the storage pots. I went to one this weekend just past, but didn't pick up anything majorly outstanding! Just a yankee candle.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Car booting is my favourite time of year! I've only picked up some china so far and a gorgeous glass bowl! Oh and a pink glass jar. Not too shabby!

  3. you found treasures, look at this hairdresser :))) more hauls pliiiiz, we love vintage esp. for a buck :D


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