Wednesday, 14 May 2014

projecteo instagram projector

this is a public service announcement for anyone who loves instagram, photographs, and photography related gadgets. Projecteo make.... wait for it...... AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO PROJECTOR. oh yes. shut the front door. it's a teeny pocket sized (which just makes it all the more adorable!) projector that comes with a reel of your instagram photos! simply press the red button and it will project your photos for you!

ok, so when I first heard about this I assumed it would be a total novelty and, like with most novelty items, the reality would be a bit of a disappointment. but nope, the Projecteo works perfectly, the quality of the photos is amazing considering how teeny it is. (if your photos look out of focus you need to adjust the focus using the grey ring around the lens - yup, learnt that the hard way!) and I love the fact the company was started through Kickstarter funding - this blog is all about supporting small businesses with great ideas!

also, if you order your Projecteo and use my special code FRIEND0C0Z (those are number zeros not letter Os just to save confusion!) you will get $5 off your first Projecteo purchase! woohoo! trust me, these little gadgets are AWESOME and once you have the projector you will find yourself ordering another five reels to go in it (or is that just me?!) - that's the best bit, once you've bought the projector you only need to buy the reels for it! I am going to be buying these as gifts for EVERYONE - how cute would this be for the parents of a new baby? or for a couple getting married? or as a memento of a trip you went on?

(please note, items in this post have been gifted. reviews are totally 100% honest - I do not write reviews for items I would not happily hand over my own hard-earned cash for!)


  1. This is so awesome, want one so bad now!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. This looks so cool! I think there's so many instagram friendly products out there (like instagram polaroids and whatnot).


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