Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Paumes Edition books

I always love seeing where other people get their inspiration from, so I figured I'd try and share a bit more of the things that I surround myself with to keep inspired....

I've mentioned before that I get inspired by SO MANY THINGS. which can be both a blessing and a curse at times. it's good because it means I can quite easily get myself into the 'creative zone' but it also means that I often find it hard to switch off because my brain is constantly getting inspired. but anyway, one of the things I love most for inspiration is books. I was going to share a selection of the books I currently have by my bedside for inspiration, but ended up dedicating this whole post to Paumes Edition books.

they are all in Japanese, but don't let that put you off. the photos are AMAZING and there are so many pictures in each book, you just want to open every page and stare for half an hour! each book will be from a certain country, and around a certain theme. so for example one might be 'children's rooms in Finland' or 'vintage shops in London.' although I wish I could read them, I love just taking inspiration from the images. there is so much detail in each picture, it's a real feast for the eyes (I never used to understand that phrase, but I do now. my eyes are gobbling up every inch of every picture!) here are a few peeks inside some of the books - it was so hard picking pages to share because every single spread is gorgeous.

they can be quite hard to find (and quite expensive) in the UK. all the ones I've bought so far (I have about ten so far but there are LOTS more!) have been purchased from the Japanese bookshop on Piccadilly Circus, or online from Bodie and Fou (although they don't seem to have such a good selection anymore sadly.) what is inspiring you right now? I will share some more of my favourite books for inspiration really soon. I think physical copies of books and magazines are the thing I am inspired by most. I love the idea of digital books and magazines but nothing can beat holding one in your hand, turning the pages, smelling that papery smell.


  1. Ohhh, these look awesome Zoe! Will have to check them out myself. I have such an awesome selection of 'coffee table' books at home which I suddenly remember about and then I miss them, ha!

  2. these looks look so pretty and I love seeing a peek at the magic within their pages!! xo

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  4. Love these! And where is that adorable pink stand from?! (In the second pic) xo


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