Thursday, 27 March 2014

we like.... Luna on the Moon

okay, so I have a secret fetish. not many people know this about me, as it's not something I really ever do in public. but I have a 'thing' for headwear. headbands, hairclips, little fascinator type things, flower crowns. if I can stick it in my hair then I probably will. I don't tend to wear them out though (weird, I know!) as I get all self-conscious and am convinced everyone is pointing at me and laughing (possibly because often they are - pipecleaner crowns aren't exactly the norm around where I live!) but it was this obsession with headwear that led me many many months ago, to discover Luna on the Moon. I immediately followed her on twitter, instagram, and every other social media outlet I could find!

 Luna on the Moon is run by the amazingly talented Kirsty - she creates THE kookiest and glitteriest colelction headpieces, hairclips, brooches, and now handbags, that I have ever seen. I literally want to own one of everything. that fox below is one of my personal faves. I mean, it's a fox, it's glittery, and you wear it on your head.

 Kirsty has literally just launched a selection of bags, all in her signature style (ie. festooned with a buttload of glitter!) - I want this eye bag but jumbo-sized so I can fit ally my crap in it!

I was lucky enough to win Kirsty's Instagram giveaway a few weeks back - I received one of her glitter eye brooches and I haven't taken it off since it arrived! we also did a crafty swap - I sent her some Ladybird Likes pieces, and in exchange she created me a glittery ladybird that I can wear as a brooch OR as a hairclip (OHMYGOD it's incredible guys) plus a spiky silver glitter headband. if you're not already a fan of Kirsty's please go and follow her immediately - she is really going places! and tell her Zoe sent you xoxo

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