Monday, 31 March 2014

polabora instagram prints

as you may have noticed by now, I am a little bit obsessed with Instagram. I love documenting little snippets of my life on there, and am now trying to make more of a conscious effort to print out as many of my photos from there as possible. there are SO many sites now offering easy and super cute ways to print pictures straight from your Instagram account, and I'm trying as many as possible it seems! today I want to share with you my latest find - a very new company called Polabora. they offer two super adorable ways to print your pictures, the first being as little retro polaroid style prints... they are a dinky size, perfect for pinning around your room, using as tags on presents, popping in with a notecard - so many possibilities!

 the second option is the photobooth-style photo strips. I think I might have fallen a bit in love with these. I have them EVERYWHERE! on the fridge, using as a bookmark, stuck on the wall in my studio, next to my bed. the image quality is really good, especially considering all my pictures were taken on my iphone, and I like the paper they are printed on (like a glossy photo paper - I don't like photo prints to be on thick paper, but maybe that's just me!)

Polabora prints are already pretty darn reasonable (about £9 for a set of 20 polaroid style prints!), however they have oh so kindly offered all you lovely Ladybird Likes readers a special discount code! simply enter the code LADYBIRD when you check out and you will receive a whopping 20% off your order! just be warned - it will expire two weeks from today (so on the 14th April!) so go use it now! it's the perfect excuse to get some of those pictures printed out....


  1. what an awesome deal! and thank you for sharing the discount code, will be cashing that in at some point! just gutted it ends before i go to harry potter studio tour/london with my college class!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Liking those photobooth style pics A LOT. Might have to cash in on that discount - thank you :)

  3. Love this ... I'm just getting my butt in gear with 5 years worth of not printing pictures and popping that discount in now :) thanks x

  4. yay! Just ordered some of the strips. Thanks so much for the discount code! X

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  6. As we love Ladybird the LADYBIRD voucher is now valid until the 1st of May '14

    Have a great sunday!

    Giovanni & Steve

  7. i ordered :-) and can't wait to see the photo's :-)! thank you!


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