Friday, 28 March 2014

beaded braided jewellery workshop

one of my aims for Ladybird Likes in 2014 was to start teaching workshops and look at potentially getting into running craft parties. I love crafting with others and spreading my love of handmade far and wide in as many ways as possible. so I'm delighted to announce that, in conjunction with SMUG in Islington, I will be hosting four Thursday evening craft clubs, each time making something awesome and fun to take home, and learning a new craft! first up is a braided beaded jewellery workshop....

 you'll be given a selection of different coloured beads to choose from, and shown how to string them and braid them to create either a necklace or a bracelet that is completely one of a kind! we will provide all the tools and materials you'll need, and show you step by step how to create something you'll want to wear all the time. once you've learnt you'll be able to make as many as you'd like at home using the skills we've taught you.

we will also provide you with an equipment and materials shopping list, should you wish to carry on beading after the class, which will include where to buy everything you'll need at the best possible prices!

 when: Thursday 3rd April 2014    5:30pm - 6:55pm
where: SMUG store, Camden Passage, Islington
how much: £15 per person (includes all materials and equipment)

you can book your ticket now right here - there are only eight spaces available so get in there quick if you want to join in!

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