Tuesday, 25 March 2014

crochet granny square workshop

part of my resolution for this year was to learn new things. I already learnt to knit (although I haven't had a spare moment to do any practice recently, sigh!) and so I signed myself up to learn to crochet granny squares. I already know how to do VERY basic crochet (I can do straight lines but that's about it!) which I taught myself using YouTube videos, however whenever I've tried learning anything any more complicated it's always gone very wrong! there's nothing quite like having a teacher there to ask questions and to show you one on one what you're doing wrong. I did the workshop at Tea and Crafting in Camden - they run a whole range of workshops, and they are so lovely and friendly and patient. I'd definitely recommend signing up to a workshop or two if you're London-based.

so I can now crochet granny squares! I think I might be a bit addicted though - they are really fun to crochet (much more so than the straight lines I'd previously been limited to.) I'd love to make a blanket using them, but I think for now I'm going to aim to make enough to make some granny square bunting, before committing to something as time-consuming as a blanket!


  1. i've had a half made crochet blanket in my bag of yarn for ages! maybe i should crack on and finish it. crochet can be very relaxing i find.

  2. Yeay crochet - I started on granny squares and they are tough, I threw my hooks and wool around a lot in the first few weeks haha, its worth sticking with definitely :)

  3. I love making granny squares, they're so quick and easy but they look so nice! I've been trying to make a blanket out of mine, I'm so excited to finish it! :) xx


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