Thursday, 13 February 2014

pimp my jacket

Valentine's day for me is the perfect chance to celebrate all things kitsch and a bit over the top - hence why, in need of a little cheering up, I decided to pin some of my love-themed badges and brooches on to an old denim jacket! I have SO much jewellery (it's my all time favourite thing to collect) and most of it sits in drawers and boxes and I don't get to see it that often - this way I can at least display some of my pieces! might be a bit much to wear tomorrow (especially as I'm staying in for V day!) but I do love having a little bit of heart shaped goodness in my room.

also, as a bit of an aside, I'm really struggling with photos for my blog lately - feeling like they all look a bit samey. living at home there aren't very many interesting surfaces to take photos against so I tend to use the same few spots. and I keep having ideas for blog posts but run out of daylight in which to take photos. I wasn't happy with the photos above, but didn't have time to retake them. I almost didn't publish this post because I want the photos to be better. it's like constantly battling against yourself! (sorry for the rant - does anyone else feel like this?!)

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