Friday, 10 January 2014

Renegade Craft Fair 2013

Renegade Craft Fair is, hands down, my favourite craft fair EVER. 2012 was Ladybird Likes first time at RCF, and earlier this year we sold out wares at Renegade Austin, in Texas. so obviously we had to apply for RCF 2013 in London too! it was the craziest weekend, which passed in a beautiful whirl of customers, laughing, chilli fries, and coffee. so many of my awesome friends and followers came along to say hi - thank you to each and every one of you! I had such an incredible weekend, and it's all thanks to you lovely lot! here are a (very few) photos from the weekend - our stall was super busy so I hardly had any time to go round and take pictures or socialise which is my only regret!

I adore Renegade's branding, and how they decorate their venues with handmade signs and decorations - it definitely adds to the overall atmosphere of the event, and makes for some pretty photos!

two of my favourite online people, Hello Harriet and Oh No Rachio, were sharing a space at Renegade this year. they had probably my all time favourite stall set up - definitely has inspired me to up my game for next Christmas! Harriet, being the cutest person EVER, gifted me one of her pug iphone cases, which has been permanently attached to my phone ever since and gets a lot of compliments!

Dyfal Donc are a super cute couple who make such beautiful jewellery from vintage stamps, photos, wallpaper, and all other kinds of ephemera, as well as greetings cards and homewares (such a multi talented pair!) I meant to go back and snag myself some goodies, but completely forgot.

the oh so lovely, and super talented, Ella Masters was my stall neighbour for the weekend - I've known Ella for a while now, and obviously LOVE her things (errr men with beards and tattoos, where do I sign up?!) I purchased myself an iphone cover and one of her shrink plastic brooches, which I have since managed to lose because I'm a total scatterbrain!

I'm already looking forward to Renegade 2014 - and plotting another possible trip to the USA for one of the American Renegades..... this year is already shaping up to be pretty darn awesome!


  1. i would love to do renegade sometime!

  2. These pictures are really lovely, I love all the Renegade branding you captured, i missed a couple of these! looking forward to Renegade this year :)


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