Wednesday, 29 January 2014

new years resolutions and goals 2014

yeah, okay, I know it's nearly February and here I am only just blogging my list of resolutions and goals for 2014. however it's not because I'm a slack blogger (for once!) but because I've realised if I wait a few weeks into the year to set these aims, I actually tend to stick to them more than I do those rushed impulsive 'oh god it's a new year, I need to 180 my entire life' type goals! so here are two lists; the first are my resolutions for the year ahead - little changes I want to make to my general lifestyle, and the second are my goals for 2014 - things I'd like to have achieved before 2015 rolls around....


- make my own juice every day using fresh fruit and vegetables - I've stuck to this pretty darn well so far, and in fact I may need to become one of those bloggers that waxes lyrical about their love of juicing because I realllllly do love it!

- eat better and eat out less often - this is partly for health reasons, but also partly because the boy-o and I are MAJOR fans of dining out. not even in a poncey way (well, sometimes, I have developed an unhealthy for my wallet love for NOBU!) but mostly in a lazy can't be bothered to cook/buy food and want to go out somewhere. it's killing our plans for saving up for things like a holiday. so far we haven't done too great at this, but I have been eating better on a day to day basis.

- exercise regularly - yeah I know these are pretty standard resolutions, but if you knew how unfit I am, you'd know this is an important one! I've started going once a week to a ballet class and to a pilates class, and I'm looking for some good fitness type DVDs to try and squeeze in a bit of a workout at home.  (if anyone can recommend any

- send regular snail mail - I love sending and receiving nice post, so I really want to get back into the habit of this. I will be writing a blog post in the next few weeks about this, as I'd love to send some of my awesome readers some snail mail.

- make more time to see my friends -I'm a truly awful friend, truth be told. I spend 90% of my time working, and the other 10% with the Mr. it doesn't leave an awful lot of time for socialising with friends. I know a lot of small business owners find themselves in the same boat - that work:life balance is such a tough one to get right. 2014 is the year I sort that out.

- take time out for the small things - this includes stuff like painting my nails more often, watching more movies at the cinema, make a start on some of the books from my 'to read' pile,


- learn some new skills - the biggest one is learning to drive. I've decided to give up on learning to drive a manual car, so am currently waiting for my new provisional license before I can start taking lessons in an automatic. having a boyfriend who lives out in the sticks has definitely been a big motivator - it will mean being able to see him more often which can only be a good thing right? I have also booked myself onto FOUR craft classes so far learning knitting, to crochet granny squares, to crochet a chevron blanket, and amigurumi (the Japanese crocheting that creates those cute little toys.) oh, and I've purchased a metal stamping kit, which technically is for the business, but I'm looking forward to learning that too!

- buy a car - as I mentioned above, I want to get driving this year, so obviously a car is a must have. particularly as I want to take Ladybird Likes further afield, especially during the summer when online sales seem to slow down. I'd really like to do a few festivals, as well as some craft fairs in other towns/cities around the UK (plus it's the perfect excuse to see more of this country!)

- hit my savings target - it's not a lot, but being self-employed I am growing more and more aware of how important it is to have a little buffer to fall back on when business isn't going so well. while I'm still living at home I'm going to save as many of my pennies as possible.

- grow Ladybird Likes - a pretty obvious goal, but definitely an important one. I have a big list of things I want to achieve with the business this year, including an exciting idea for a traveling stand making jewellery and magnets that can be customised on the spot. I'm super pumped to see how Ladybird Likes will grow this year.

what are your resolutions and goals for 2014? has anyone else written a blog post about what they'd like to achieve this year - if so please leave a link as I'd love to have a read!

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