Wednesday, 25 September 2013

making memories

I'm useless at printing photos, at keeping journals, at doing anything with the endless amount of paper and tickets and leaflets and cards I collect from 'important' places or events other than putting them into a box where they end up faded and forgotten. I always want everything to be 'perfect' and so in the past, when I have tried to make scrapbooks, I've always given up after a few pages, because it never looked how I wanted it to.

since going out with Jonathan (six months next week, time sure does fly when you're having fun!) I've been trying (admittedly quite unsuccessfully) to keep some sort of record of our relationship. I scribble memories down on scraps of paper, force him into every photobooth we pass, tape cinema tickets into notebooks, and I've even been printing off some of my Instagram photos. it's not perfect, but then again nothing is. basically all I have right now is a stack of bits of paper with scrawled notes on, and some highly questionable photos. but that's the whole point isn't it? nothing is perfect. our lives aren't one neat series of events, so it seems crazy to try and contain them within some picture perfect photo album with neat annotations.

here are a few of my recent favourite snaps from my instax mini camera (if like me you want to keep some sort of record of your life's events, I'd HIGHLY recommend an instax mini camera. no waiting around or remembering to get photos printed, just make sure you get a close up lens so you can take self portraits too)

 these two were taken by Miss Phoebe - she didn't understand the concept of looking through the viewfinder, hence why we occupy such a tiny portion of the photos!

 these were taken on a day trip to East London with Jonathan and his brother.  looking at them reminds me of so many happy things, like bowling at All Star Lanes and me being useless, and going home to watch Extreme Couponing and eat crisps in bed.

I wouldn't swap these for all the shiny perfect professional photographs in the world. these are my memories and they are perfect to me.


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