Tuesday, 2 July 2013

you and me in a photobooth

(yeah, I've used that exact title for a blog post before, but every time I say the word 'photobooth' I sing that song, so I couldn't resist!)

the other weekend me and the boy-o took a day trip to Brighton. it was the windiest day ever, but we had so much fun just eating, strolling round the shops, and playing in the arcades. I forced him to take photobooth pictures with me - he loved it, as you can tell from his expression in the photos!


 when I got home I stuck them up over my desk, along with my current favourite print just as a little reminder to myself not to worry so much. i'm such a worrier by nature, but i'm getting better at letting things go. life is so good right now, i'm trying to just enjoy it and go with the flow.


  1. Oh so adorable *.*
    Sofia G

  2. CUTE!! He looks like he's doing his best Ian Curtis expression... too cool for school! Zoe you look fantastic, and so happy :) awesome.

  3. playful love... so sweet to see


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