Thursday, 27 June 2013

the tattooed lady

me and tattoos have a love/hate thing going on. I love them. I spend hours looking at pictures of other people's tattoos and dreaming about what one I will get next. but I'm so fickle, and end up not liking whatever tattoo I get done. not hating them - I truly believe that each of my five tattoos says something about who I am, and about what stage of my life I was in when I got them done, and I'd never have any of them removed. and it's only logical that the things you like and the styles you like when you're 18, won't necessarily be the same as when you are 28. also, I love colour tattoos on other people, but I have a weird OCD type thing with colours which means I have never got a coloured one myself.

anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is because whilst I was in Austin I got two new tattoos done! they are really simple - just a small outline of a heart above each ankle, but I love them. I've never blogged about my tattoos before, which is really weird, but I thought I'd share a few pics...

 I had this tattoo done about 4 years ago, a few months after breaking up with my long-term boyfriend. it's a quote from one of my favourite books ever, Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, and it has gotten me through some tough times.

my other tattoos are outlines of stars, which I had done when I was 18 and when I was 19. they are a bit dated, and a bit emo, but at the time I was OBSESSED with stars and doodling them everywhere, and even though I'm not super keen on my star tattoos, I've never regretted having them done, and I look at them with nothing but fondness because they hold a lot of memories.

do you guys have any tattoos? or plans to get any new ones? I'm already planning my next one (shhhh don't tell my mum) but can't seem to decide what I want or where I want to get it!


  1. I've got two bears on my left wrist. My fella is called Arthur (we've been together over 8 years) anyway...the welsh for arthur means i have a big bear (which stands for him) a small bear (which stands for me)and, prepare a sick bucket here, if and when we have children i shall get a bear cub tattooed too!
    I've got another one on my other wrist which is my name in arabic...which i got done when i was 18. Out of the two i love the bears, it's good to have a tattoo that means something!
    Your hearts are really rather lovely! and the quote one is soo clear and neat.

  2. I love love love the heart tattoos, Zo! They are ace. A few people keep telling me that I'm going to regret my little tattoos but I really love them, and I want more! Hope you are well xo

  3. I have no tattoos but seriously want some!
    I love yours, they look wonderful! :)

    Kelly ||

  4. I love those tattoos! I'm just like you, I love to see colored tattoos on the others but on me I just don't like, it's seems too much for me. I have 3: a butterfly on my ankle, a sun on my arm (but I think this one I'm gonna change it) and a sakura flower on the back of my neck. All single lines, simples. I love them, and I think that simple like that I will never get sick or regret I've done them. I love tattoos :)
    Sofia G

  5. I go through phases of wanting them, and then not being sure if I actually do want one or not. I've never bitten the bullet and done it.

  6. those hearts are beautifully simple and v.pretty! I'm actually in the process of saving for my second tattoo (it's a small geometric/triangle thing - I have a slight triangle obsession) to go on the inside of my arm - either just above or below my elbow join. Might have to draw it on first to see what looks best. My other tattoo I got when I was 18 - it's a funny little shape which doesn't mean much - thankfully it's not in place that's normally on view!

  7. i really like your tattoos! especially the "so it goes" one! i really like tattoos when they have a meaning or a special story behind them! i can't wait til i turn 18 so i can get mine but i feel like i'm going to get more than one after my first one haha!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  8. Your tattoos seem really meaningful! :)
    I have 9 tattoos myself, i love all of them and i'm proud of them but i despise the meaning of my chestpiece; the girl that did it for me ended up really hurting me and i'm desperate to get it removed. >__< It's a shame but it's taught me to be more careful!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  9. I love these little hearts and the saying on your wrist is PERFECTION!! xo

  10. Your tattoos are lovely :)

    I have 8 tattoos... they're all quite small as i get nervous at the thought of a big tattoo...

    I have:

    James (my boyfriend's name) on my bum.

    Alien vs Predator symbol on wrist. My best friend got the same with me.

    Batman symbol on my other wrist.

    Mordez Moi (french for "Bite Me" as I love vampires) on my neck. My sister got it with me!

    My dogs paw print on my ankle.

    Oliver Jeffers alien on the other side of the ankle.

    Simba on my other leg along with a stegosaurus.

    I have a few ideas for future ideas and keep coming back to them to make sure they're what I want:

    The moon, Superman flying and one of Emma Carlisle's drawings... I would maybe get one of my own illustrations as a tattoo but i'd feel a bit big headed...will probably get a tattoo of a dog and something by Isabelle Arsenault.


  11. I have no tattoos, but we have just had a customer send us a photo of own of our necklace designs tattooed on her! totally crazy, but obviously we are flattered!

    Nice to see your tattoos, and must be good to have some to mark Austin :)


  12. I have the blink-182 symbol on my ribs, which is my teenage tattoo! I'm not sure I would get it again but I still love it and I love blink even more than I did when I was 18.
    I also have the "Vowel A" poster from the Moses Supposes number in Singing in the Rain. I get so many ideas for tattoos but I'm fickle too and go through phases. I love your hearts! x


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