Thursday, 27 June 2013

Austin 2013 (part 4)

so here it is, the fourth and final installment of my Austin photos! these are from the Renegade Craft Fair which is actually what started the whole Austin trip in motion. I know several crafty business owners have asked me how I found it, and to be honest it wasn't quite as great as I'd expected, however it did cover almost the entire cost of my trip, so I essentially had a free two week holiday in Austin. which was all I wanted really! I don't think you can go into these things expecting to bring loads of money back with you, but it's better rather to treat it as a holiday in which you do a couple of days work to pay for it. a pretty fair deal if you ask me!

for some reaosn I don't seem to really have any photos of other stalls, or anything like that, but here are the random few snaps I did get at Renegade!

there was a free photobooth which I obviously forced Emma to go in with me! (and check out our lucky dinosaur mascot which some child left on the stall by accident!)

 Renegade always has the loveliest signage, and this year was no different

 Renegade posters for sale - vendors were given one of the pinkish flowery ones (far right kind of in the middle) for free, and I have mine rolled up waiting for the perfect spot to hang it

 there was a big vintage section at the fair, which I obviously perused extensively - I was trying not to spend too much, however I did treat myself to a black and white gingham dress with embroidered watermelon slices on (I KNOW RIGHT?!)

 please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks dirty things when they look at this photo?! I didn't realise until I was editing them just how phallic it looked! (it was meant to be a hopscotch for kids - errrrrrr)

oh and finally a few shots of thelimited edition 'Texas' and 'Austin' vintage postcard brooches I made to sell at the fair, which seemed to be popular amongst the locals



  1. oh my gosh that looks like such a fun fair! :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Wow! That's so great you had your stall there, it always looks such a cool craft fair x

  3. Your brooches are so adorable! They look like a mix of vintage with pop art :)
    Sofia G

  4. I'm in love with those postcard brooches, what an awesome idea! :) the fair looks like great fun too. Not so sure about the phallic-shaped hopscotch though... Oo-er :/

  5. We're so jealous! We dream of visiting one day, our product line is only just in the design stages so we're a while off yet!


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