Friday, 7 June 2013

that's so RAAAD

a few weeks ago I was contacted by French company RAAAD. I hadn't heard of them before, but they are basically like a French version of Fab or Uncovet, selling design-led products at reduced prices. to cut a long story short they were interested in my jewellery, and I now currently have a flash sale going on over on their website! you have to sign up to be able to view the sales as it's a members only kind of deal, but they have some awesome stuff on offer right now - I want one of those insane cat posse t shirts please.

obvs I had to take a few screenshots to show y'all if you can't be bothered to sign up! screenshots are still not old for me.... I think that's because I was the last person in the universe to work out how to do them!

 I really liked reading the brand info bit written in French (although it made me realise just how long it's been since I studied French, and just how little of it I remember!)

apologies for being so slack on the blogging front lately. everything has been super busy here, but we have some new products launching next week, and I'm busy scheduling lots of blog posts for the next month or so to bring you all up to date on what I've been up to (expect news on my Austin trip, our press day, plus interviews with some of my creative friends and a 'pimp your iphone' tutorial!)


  1. oh my goodness those are so cute! I'll definitely have to check this out :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. My gosh! I haven't saw your mushroom Clips! LOVE THEM *.*
    Have a great weekend!
    Sofia G

  3. Congratulations! Your work is beautiful, you deserve it ;)


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