Thursday, 2 May 2013

list 54: things I currently cannot live without

I'm sure I have written a list similar to this one in the past... but hey, don't judge, it's hard coming up with new list topics! I have a really addictive personality, and will quickly become obsessed with something new, and then a short while later I will become sick of it. here are a few things which I'm obsessing over right now...

1. game of thrones - I'm trying to read all the books (well, the ones that are out) before I start watching the TV series... I'm so hooked, I spend every spare minute reading them, and I never want them to end! the last time I was this obsessed with a book series was with Hunger Games (shhhhh don't tell anyone!) so far the only thing on my birthday wishlist is a direwolf...

2. vanilla coke - yup, they have brought it back, but apparently it's only for a limited period, so obviously that means I need to consume at least three cans a day. Right? (I'm so addicted to this stuff it's unreal)

3. my diary/notebook - I have three diaries and three notebooks in which my entire life is planned out, and if I lost them I would genuinely shed tears. as Ladybird Likes grows I become more and more reliant on these to keep me organised. everyone keeps trying to convince me to switch to digital planners/apps but I really need to write things down and cross them off!

4. Texas guidebooks - it's only 11 days until my trip to Austin, Texas (the countdown has begun) and when I'm stressed out (which is pretty much ALL THE TIME at the moment) I stop and have a quick flick through these guides

5. the pitch perfect soundtrack - I can't stop listening to it. it makes me so happy. I think I have a problem. 'there's a party in the USAAAAAA'

6. vitamin E capsules - a friend told me a few months ago to buy vitamin E capsules, break them open, and put the liquid goo stuff inside on my face before bed and it's hands down the best beauty tip anyone has ever given me. i'm not really into any beauty stuff - I suffer from adult acne, and tend to just use stuff for that, but the vitamin E makes your skin look and feel amazing the next day. really soft and hydrated, plus it reduces scarring!

what things are you guys currently obsessed with/can't live without?


  1. Great post. What brand of Vitamin E Capsules do you use?

  2. I love crossing things off to-do lists too!!
    Thanks for the beauty tip/trick!! I'll have to remember to pick up some vitamin E next time I'm out!! xo

  3. A Song of Ice and Fire is the best book series I have ever read, I don't want it to end and the wait for the next one is killing me!


  4. obviously game of thrones is a good read(?) i've thought about getting it but being pregnant and the impending baby i don't think i'll have time :(

  5. The Pitch Perfect soundtrack is all i listen to when i walk to work! I do the whole soundtrack at least once a day and have learnt the cup song :-)I LOVE IT!!! xx


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