Friday, 26 April 2013

they like ladybird likes

one of the BEST things about designing and making jewellery is seeing other people wearing it. seriously, every time a customer posts a picture of themselves wearing Ladybird Likes, I get so excited, it's the best feeling. I also love seeing how different people style pieces. so I figured why not share some of the gorgeous faces sporting Ladybird Likes?

 Alice from Schadenfreude wears her Black Cat Collar Clips with a gorgeous mint green jumper and shirt - I am obsessed with the colour of her jumper!

 Emily from Emily Divine rocks a Scarlett Miniature Butterfly Necklace with a pink dungaree dress and white shirt - I love how her lipstick is almost the exact same shade of red as the butterfly.


Annika from The Pineneedle Collective  also rocks the Black Cat Collar Clips, but this time on a dress that (wait for it folks) has LADYBIRDS ON IT. that's right, she's wearing Ladybird Likes jewellery with a dress covered in ladybirds. mind = blown.

Katie, the super cute lady behind Coeurs de Foxes, is one of my favourite fashion bloggers, so I'm super excited she now owns a pair of Zooey Butterfly Collar Clips, and I love how she styles them in a 'back to school' outfit. Also, that hat needs to be mine.


  1. They all wear them so well! You are a talented lady!

  2. That must be such a lovely feeling :) congrats lady! xx


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