Saturday, 20 April 2013

i heart iphone photos

I keep forgetting to post my iphone photo round up over here on the blog - I know most people that follow this blog will have seen these pictures already on my instagram (I'm @ladybirdlikes if you don't already follow me!) but thought I'd share them anyway as I like looking back over them and hope you will too! (descriptions are clockwise from top left photo)

 my bestie drew a picture of me in exchange for some collar clips - I seriously have THE most talented friends ever // chocolate lollies made by another of my besties for the Lazy Oaf x Kickers launch party // new bird collar clips available in my Etsy shop right now // first hints of spring are starting to arrive (about time too - it's the middle of April!)

 current favourite necklace by Me and Zena // the boy-o gave me this lollipop and now I cannot stop saying 'yea boi' all the time // Lazy Oaf neon sign at the Spring '13 launch party // cute graffiti in Brighton - I spent the day there with my sister selling at the Art Junky market

 yes folks, vanilla coke is officially back // these cute little pugs will be part of my new range of collar clips! launching in a couple of weeks time, eek // pretty pens make me oh so happy // I finally got totoro decals for my laptop and they make me smile every time I see them

my ma and pa went on holiday to Italy and bought me some Marc Jacobs perfume back (so spoilt) // the pupster loves sitting on a chair at the table like a human // first ice cream van of the season - mr whippy ice cream oyster with a flake NOM // my favourite part of these lighter evenings is the incredible sunsets


  1. I love the bird collar clips

  2. Your photos are adorable! Love the one with your lovely dog!

    Your collar clips are dreamy!

    Sofia G

  3. Beautiful photos Zoe!!
    I love seeing your newest collar clips + those pens are so lovely!!


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