Saturday, 16 March 2013

magazine features

br /> Ladybird Likes has received some rather wonderful press so far in 2013. I'm working on advertising the brand more, and trying to get featured more in print and online, and so far it has been really tough, but these lovely mentions have left me with a big smile on my face!

 Make Jewellery magazine voted us as their blog of the month, and included an interview and feature in their March 2013 issue (please excuse the pasty-faced photo of me - I really need to get out in the sun more often...)

 Our Rita pin up girl brooch was featured in the shopping pages of the February 2013 edition of CrossStitcher magazine.

 And finally RE: magazine (a free magazine distributed around North London) included our Zooey miniature butterfly necklace on their shopping spread, AND it was named editor's choice, yippee! (also you can see one of Little Miss Delicious' gorgeous necklaces just below, so we were in good conmpany!)

If any other makers/crafty types have advice or tips on approaching magazines and publications I'd love to hear! It's a totally new world for me, but I'm really enjoying the challenge!


  1. Wow Zoe, well done! I wish I knew anything about getting into magazines...I bet it would do world of good!


  2. Ooh well done you! That's fab! :-) x

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