Monday, 5 November 2012

ladybird likes

 an extra colourful edition of ladybird likes this week - an attempt to counteract the cold and grey weather we are getting more and more of!

1. i have never been a big fan of neon colours, but for some reason i cant stop thinking about painting the tips of my nails neon yellow after seeing this gorgeous manicure // 2. i've somehow managed to start a collection of books about wild flowers (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!) and i think this one would be a wonderful addition to the collection... // 3. these incredible wooden birds, made by Matt Sewell for the V and A shop, are going on my wish list - I want a whole flock of them!

4. vintage button push pins by Present and Correct - definitely need some of these for my pinboard // 5. rainbow coloured stairs - oh god, I spazzed out when I found this photo. these stairs will have to be recreated when I have a home of my own // 6. and then I will have to get these rainbow coloured drawers to match the stairs obviously.


  1. you need to recreate those stairs, definitely!!!

  2. Love all the colours in this! Especially the nails :) x

  3. oooh I love those stairs! They make me sad to live in a ground floor flat


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