Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lazy Oaf Halloween - behind the scenes

as you may or may not know, I work for the ridiculously awesome brand Lazy Oaf (yup, best job ever) and last week I was asked to shoot a halloween inspired photoshoot using some of their designs. I'm SO excited to share the photos with you guys - it was such a fun shoot, and we got some great pictures. But, just to keep you in suspense, I'm not posting them on here until next week (after Lazy Oaf have had the chance to share them.) To whet your appetite here are a few behind the scenes shots of what we got up to...

Dee (my most favourite model EVER and a total babe) applying some goth style make-up

 some appropriately themed clothing and props (oh yes, we love a good skull!)

 Jerry made a moodboard for us with pics of our favourite shoots (plus some of 'The Craft' for good measure!)

 location shots (we shot on location at Abney Park Cemetery which is so ridiculously beautiful - I need to go back and take some photos while I wander round)

 going off-roading looking for the perfect spot to take photos

 instagramming while we work - we are so tech savvy round here

 Dee's dreams came true and she got to hug a white lion!

Jerry making outfit adjustments (did you know she styles these shoots as well as being an amazing PR girl?)

instax test shots from the shoot

be sure to check back next week for all the photos from the shoot (they will be spread over several posts though as there are literally hundreds of them!)


  1. oooooohh!! I love this little sneak peek!! Beautiful Cemetery + I love your inspiration board with photos from the Craft thrown in!! :)

  2. LOVE the craft. This is so fun! What an ace job x

  3. Ohhh looks like the shots are going to be awesome! :)

    Alli xx

  4. Loving this zo bo! Glad my mood board didn't go to waste. Only just taken this down from my living room! xxx


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