Monday, 8 October 2012

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1. I love everything about this photo of this bride, but especially the embroidery detail on her dress (which she made herself using a vintage tablecloth - OMG), and her hairstyle // 2. this vintage fabric pattern is too awesome - I'd like a sofa covered in this please // 3. mini bookshelf necklace - WANT // 4. I'm still trying to work out how they created this photo effect, but I think it looks incredible // 5. these zinc garden mushroom from anthropologie are too cute (they are no longer available though - boo hoo)


  1. oooooh!! Little mini bookshelf!!!
    and I LOVE the photo editing in #4- that is so amazing!!

  2. I agree! Her hair and wrap is amazing and that bookshelf necklace is awesome! :) Saw that you are hiring for an assistant, Z! That is fantastic! So happy your shop is blowing up -- you so derve it friend! I saw the moon sweater clips of yours - amazing. Wishign you a great week! xoxo

  3. OMfug. That necklace! I think I really need that. As for that photo effect, I'll wager how that was done was by using the pen tool to slowly outline a photograph of a person, layering the selection via a cut, hiding that layer, then inserting another photograph underneath the initial photo with the person cut out (all in photoshop).
    Alternatively, it could have been done by saving the selection as a layer mask, pasting another layer with the cloudy photo on top, then re-opening the selection, deleting the surround outside it, then pasting the final image onto a photograph. All in photoshop, naturally!

    Alli xx


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