Tuesday, 30 October 2012

collar clips a go go

if you follow us on instagram or on facebook you will have seen us posting sneak peeks at our shiny new collection of collar clips, but now the wait is over - we just launched 14 styles of collar clips over in our Etsy shop!

 here are my absolute favourites from the collection (it was really hard to pick as I absolutely love wearing collar clips!) and how I plan to wear them into winter....

these pastel coloured heart collar clips will be perfect with my chunky knit mint green jumper - I'm loving wearing jumpers with plain shirts underneath at the moment, and the collar clips make a comfy, cosy outfit look much more stylish! the only trouble is, I can't decide if I prefer the mint green ones or pastel pink....

 I'm such a total sucker for anything sparkly and glittery but have to try and control my urges as otherwise I'd end up in head to toe glitter and sequins! I love wearing these glittery collar clips (the silver are my favourites) on my oversized black shirt with a pair of creepers.

 space and astronomy has always fascinated me, and with the current galaxy trend I knew I wanted to make something with a space theme - these moon collar clips look awesome pinned on to a denim shirt

how could I not make a pair of owl collar clips - these are probably my absolute favourites of all the collar clip designs - I've been wearing mine pinned on to a brown peter pan collar dress with a cream cable knit cardigan on top to keep out the chill! perfect for this autumn weather.

 and last, but by no means least, who doesn't love a cat? we have been wearing these every day in the run up to halloween for a nod to this spooky time of year. we love layering vintage band tees over short sleeved shirts, and adding these cat collar clips on as the finishing touch.

which pair of collar clips have taken your fancy? how will you wear yours? we'd love to hear how you'd wear our collar clips - we know what a stylish bunch you are!


  1. I love the moon collar clips, so dreamy! x

  2. you know that I wear a cardigan every day right???? those mooon clips are fantastic (although they are all beautiful!) -- I would come to this open house and drink tea with you in a heartbeat if you weren't across the pond. sending you lots of love -- so happy for your growing shop, love!!!!

  3. these are absolutely divine, may have to get some when pay day comes around <3 the hearts are particularly gorgeous x


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