Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas Open House

a month or so ago my mum suggested having an open house style event, encouraging our friends and family that live locally to come along, have tea and cake, and browse my items (and hopefully buy some things too!) we held a similar sort of event earlier on in the year, but on a much smaller scale, and it was a massive success, so I'm super excited to be hosting an open house!

in preparation for the event we decided to make some flyer style invitations to hand out, with all the information on. you may or may not already know but I've had an intern helping me out for the last month - her name is Flora and she has been an absolute STAR. she designed and made the incredible invite for our open house. i love seeing the process behind people's work, so thought you might like to see how Flora went from concept to finished article!

she started by researching fonts - I told her about my obsession with nice fonts, so we knew the design should be quite type heavy, plus we had lots of information to fit in. Flora researched vintage christmas posters online and took inspiration from their font choices

 originally we were going to go for a green and red colour scheme (traditional christmas colours and all that) and I really love how the writing looks in red, but in the end we opted for white and blue for a more modern twist

to add a bit of interest Flora created snowflake designs to position around the edge of the writing, then scanned in the individually drawn elements and put everything together digitally (I love the way she takes her hand drawn elements and compiles them digitally, so clever!)

and here is the final design - I'm so in love with this, esepcially the fonts she chose and those snowflakes (I have a minor obsession with snowflakes right now!) what do you guys think? and if any of you are free on Thursday 8th November and are in the area, then please do drop by! we will have plenty of tea and cake for you :)


  1. that poster is lovely :) i am designing christmas cards to be sold right now, need to get shuffle on though so i dont miss the slot when people buy them! make sure you put up some photos of what you are selling, would be nice to see :)

    josie x

  2. that looks so lovely, I adore the poster! and what a good idea to hold an open house to show off your new products! wish I was closer :) xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  3. awesome idea & beautiful flyer


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