Sunday, 22 July 2012

vintage key necklaces

Something about old keys has always intrigued me - the fact that each one is totally unique just adds to their intrigue. I've collected old keys for several years now and amassed quite a collection. When I started turning some of my favourites into necklaces, so i could wear the keys rather than just keeping them in a tin, I thought I'd pop some in my Etsy shop in case anyone else would like one.

 Each necklace is one of a kind - at the moment I have only got six for sale, so if you'd like one you'll need to be quick. At £5 each they are perfect for throwing on over a dress, or with jeans and a tshirt - I wear mine with absolutely everything! My current favourite thing is to layer these long key necklaces with other shorter necklaces.

What do you think of these new necklaces? I've been working on lots of new products, which I'm slowly adding to my Etsy. Whenever I make something new I worry that no-one else will like it, but I guess that is part of owning a business, trying things and seeing what works. There are so many directions in which I'd like to take Ladybird Likes, sometimes it's hard to keep myself focused!


  1. very cute! you can try painting part of the key with bright neon nailpolish/paint. i love the idea!


  2. awesome idea to turn them into necklaces

  3. i love making old keys into necklaces! i'm just obsessed with keys haha you could make so many stories about what they open and what not :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

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