Monday, 30 July 2012

ladybird likes

1. this succulent wall art (the original has sold out but here is a tutorial to make your own) // 2. this colour hair makes my heart beat fast - one day I will have this on my head // 3. this tutorial for glittery gradient nails which I will be trying out // 4. this gorgeous photo backdrop by the wonderful people at rifle paper co. - if only I had $118 // 5. these popsicles with edible flowers and petals inside embody summertime for me - I want to make some but don't think I could bear to eat them!


  1. Oh my, only last night I promised myself no more silly hair colours because they don't come out of my hair anymore but I WANT THAT HAIR! Please do it and let me live through you xx

  2. Ooh what an eye feast. That hair is flipping amazing.

  3. I want that hair!! It is soooooo pretty!! And I wish that backdrop wasn't 118$!!! Bummer! Why must pretty things cost so much money?!? :(


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