Saturday, 7 July 2012

i heart iphone photos

Just a few little iphone photos from the last week or two... You may have seen them already if you follow me on instagram, but I know lots of people don't have it, so wanted to share them on here too :) clockwise from top left....

my gorgeous illustration from the insanely talented Ella Masters // a super cute woody owl made by the lovely Custom Made - we were neighbours at a craft fair recently and I HAD to buy this owl // my ipad and my rainbow keyboard (note that on the front page of my ipad I have the starbucks app, I'm such an addict!) // airmail striped socks, because my feet are cold even in hot weather

currently reading Watership Down // prettiest flowers at Columbia Road Flower Market, one of my favourite places in the whole of London // my bed after a lazy morning spent browsing the internet on my ipad and finishing up a book // my 1940s fold out calendar I picked up at a car boot sale last weekend

new skull ring I got from work (in case you dont know I work for Lazy Oaf one day a week) // picture of one of my besties, Dee, which I took, sits by my desk as a little bit of happy // blue skies, hooray! // the puppy dog giving me puppy dog eyes when I'm trying to go to sleep - he may look cute but he will fight to the death for a comfy spot on the bed!


  1. I can't stop laughing at the your dog's picture - my dog does the same thing! I just started following your instagram @levily30 :)

    Sapir @

  2. - I love your ella drawing.
    - That plush owl is just TOO cute!!
    - That book looks really good!!
    - Score!! That calendar is sooo neat!!
    - I am loving your pretty flowered sheets!!
    - eeep!! Your pup is adorable!!
    - Those clouds are so prefect!!


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