Wednesday, 13 June 2012

a sweet gift

A few days ago a mystery parcel landed on my desk. I get a LOT of packages in the post, but they are pretty much almost supplies for the shop which, whilst better than receiving bills or bank statements, aren't the most exciting things to ever grace a postbox! But this turned out to be a parcel of gorgeous goodies from the AMAZING Fiona of Sugar For My Honey. I squealed at every singe item as I unwrapped it - she knows me so well! Everything was so beautifully packaged too.

here are all the goodies (minus the lavender she sent me, that was already in use!)

how adorable is this little packet?! it contained the scrabble letters you see in the second photo

yes it's childish, but I love anything that spells out my name! apparently Zoe isn't a very common name (huh?!) so when I was younger I didn't have very many personalised things, which I think has led to my obsession!

she actually MADE this paper flower - there is no end to this girl's talents!

super cute card that I will never be able to send, and which has been immediately stuck on my wall (it's an old design by the uber creative Dyfal Donc)

I love having nice candles in every room, so this gorgeous vintage teacup and candle, plus scented heart candles, were perfect! can't wait to use them.

Thank you so much lovely Fiona - you made my day with your thoughtful gesture! I feel so lucky to have met so many kind, thoughtful, and gesture people as a result of blogging and selling online. Here's to friendship!

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  1. That is so sweet! Don't you love that??? Cheers to making new friends! xoxo


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