Thursday, 14 June 2012

List 35: things I have learnt from online dating

Yes, I am one of those people that are on an online dating site. Part of me is slightly ashamed (mainly as in my head people who use online dating sites are weird old men with a foot fetish - remember when that's what online dating meant?!) but part of me doesn't mind. I think online dating has become much more socially acceptable now - when I tweeted about it several of my followers informed me they'd met their partners online. Finally, the internet is good for something other than pinning photos of rainbow coloured cakes!
Because I am a workaholic and am very socially awkward (particularly around men) I haven't had the best luck in the love department, hence the caving in and joining a dating website! But I thought I'd share with you a few observations about the wonder that is online dating...

1. 90% of men will have a photo of them with a woman as one of their images. I'm not really sure what the purpose of this is. Maybe to demonstrate that they can interact with females? Although what's to say they didn't pay the girl to pose for a picture with them? I find it drums up too many questions in my head; who is this girl? Is this their ex beau? Is this the kind of girl they find attractive? Is this their best friend who I will be expected to also become best friends with despite the fact that she is clearly in love with the guy? Or maybe I just overthink things.... ahem.

2. EVERY SINGLE MAN HAS BEEN TO SOUTH EAST ASIA. They also have the photos to prove it. Topless ones. On the beach. With a plastic bucket of alcoholic beverage. (yes I have been to Thailand and done the young English abroad routine, but that is not my defining moment in life. That would be the moment I stood two feet away from Michael Cera. If I had a photo of the moment it would definitely be on my profile.)

3. ' I like books, music, and movies' is apparently a completely acceptable description of your interests. Which is good, because everyone else I know hates those things.

4. It's physically impossible to write about yourself without sounding like a complete douchebag, so don't even bother trying. Embrace the douchebag.

5. Guys think girls want to hear very different things than girls actually want to hear.

6. People lie. A lot. About everything. For no reason.

7. Men get offended if you question the height they put on their profile. REALLY offended. (Seriously though, I am 5 ft 7. I can look you dead in the eye. This means you cannot possibly be 5ft 10.)

8. Sarcasm is not a universally understood language.

I was thinking of maybe blogging more about my adventures in dating, purely because I think it would be a good form of therapy for me! What do you reckon? Would you be interested in hearing about the twists and turns of my (mostly non-existent) love life? Have any of you tried online dating? Any good experiences? Any funny stories to share that would ease my pain?! xoxo


  1. Oh I'd love to hear funny stories!

    It is weird isn't it, how people used to think just communicating with another person via the internet was crazy, and now everyone who's anyone is on Facebook / Social networking and online dating?! About time! I have a lot of friends who are on dating sites.

    I do not understand why men lie about their height, seriously what is the point? It's like me saying I have DD cup breasts and turning up with my A cup and feigning confusion at their disappointment!! Ha! Plonkers.

  2. hehe men are silly!
    funnily enough i was talking about this the other day with luke, i like that it's not just weirdos that use dating sites now :) his sister met her boyfriend that way. and i know a few people who has met on twitter too!
    i'd love to hear more about how you get on! X

  3. LOl this is a brilliant entry, id love to hear more! Every single person I know (about 5) uses POF dating site because as they say, by this age (27), if you dont have a "hottie" in the office then where else will you meet a date? This is also especially true for my friends that live in a city like London. One of my friends is a pro on that site and I love trawling it with her! Like you say, so many of them say the same thing. She has totally embraced the funny side of it and made her profile reflect that and she has found so many dont get her sarcasm! She met her boyfriend on there and they now play POF bingo where they both guess what they think will be in that persons profile based on common usage!

  4. I support this movement. It sounds delightfully entertaining + if it's therapeutic to you, go for it!

  5. haha! I love this post! I never really thought of why guys have profile picture with women in them, but all of your thoughts//ideas are completely valid and I think you made me a bit paranoid!! :/
    I hope you find Mr. Right!! :)

  6. Well I totally thought that online dating was sad and embarassing until I found my boyfriend! So many people are doing it, yet it does still remain quite a 'taboo' thing? random! I had literally just set up my profile and he was the first boy to respond and the only one I responded to. His emails were thoughtful and asked about my interests which was nice. We emailed for around 3 months before finally meeting, which was a great start I certainly recommend, ensures you get to know them properly and know they not just after one thing! We are still super happy together 3 years down the line, so it really can work! Good luck. x

  7. with your sense of humor id love to hear your dating stories!yet again zoe, another great list! you should write a book!


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