Saturday, 5 May 2012

List 32: things I like to do when I should be working

Procrastination has always been one of my most finely honed skills, but since starting my own business I find myself needing to reign in this obvious talent as no work means no money. In an attempt to try and highlight the ways in which I procrastinate, and thus hopefully avoid them, I thought I'd compile a list on here.

1. go through my social networking sites and read back old status updates/tweets/emails/blog comments

2. start to organise a small workspace and end up tidying and reorganising my entire room

3. make new playlists on spotify to get me in the mood for working and end up just clicking through and endless maze of links

4. decide to take off all my make up and reapply it from scratch

5. decide to change my outfit and end up trying on every item of clothing I own before eventually putting back on the same outfit I started with

6. making snacks (and by snacks I mean a full blown meal and/or some sort of baked goods)

7. cleaning my computer keyboard (I have THE cleanest keyboard in the entire world as a result though)

8. choose a dvd to watch whilst working and deciding I need to reorganise my dvd collection (they have so far been arranged alphabetically, by genre, by director, by date released, and colour coded according to the spine colour.)

9. one word - pinterest

10. making lists of all the things I should be doing instead of farting around doing nothing

11. perfecting my 'I'm so over you and so happy with my life now' speech ready for the inevitable moment when I bump into my ex whilst out and about

12. moving items from my amazon wishlists to my shopping basket, and then moving them back again because I can't afford them

13. googling Matthew Gray Gubler/ watching you tube videos of Matthew Gray Gubler

14. posting dumb pictures on Dee's facebook wall that only she will understand

15. trying to think up witty things to post on Twitter (but failing and instead posting something about either wanting coffee or what the weather is like.)

This list is by no means exhaustive. When it comes to procastination I will do literally anything rather than what I'm meant to be doing.What do you like to do when you're avoiding work? How do you keep yourself focused?


  1. I tend to write lists to of what i'm meant to be doing...and I end up spending hours looking for inspirational songs to cheer me on but then it's late and I must sleep.

    I also tidy and wash my hands a lot. I like to have clean hands before I start drawing, so if I bite my nails beforehand I must clean them again...but that's just me :p

    I look at people's blogs and feel like poo as I think their work is better than mine.

  2. This list made me so happy - I do so many of these things!

  3. Oh. My. God. Matthew Gray Gubler.
    Probably him and my list-making takes up the majority of my time!
    I can do anything when I want to procrastinate. Anything is more preferable to what I need to do. A lot of my time is also filled watching videos of dogs, cats or babies on YouTube, or combinations of them.


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