Friday, 20 April 2012


Yup, you guessed it, I'm having a mini sale in my Etsy shop! I want to make room for some of the new products which I have been working on, so that means that some of the older products have to go. Some of these will be staying in my Etsy shop, but for most items this is your very last chance to get them as I won't be making any more, so if you see something you like then please grab it while you can! All items are at least 50% off, and prices start from a teeny tiny £1! You can browse all the sale items right here in my sale section.

 teeny crocheted cherry brooch only £1 (reduced from £2.50)

 horse head and stag head decal brooches only £2 each (reduced from £4 each)

 stamped wooden camera brooch available in two styles reduced to only £1.50 (was £3)

dog head decal brooches available in six different breeds only £2.50 each (reduced from £5 each)

dog head decal necklaces available in dachshund or pekingese ONLY ONE OF EACH LEFT reduced to only £3 each (was £7)

 selected styles of wooden butterfly necklaces now only £3.50 (reduced from £7)

wild flower decal brooches are available in six different styles for only £2 each (reduced from £4 each)

 selected wooden vintage fashion lady brooches now only £2.50 each (reduced from £5 each)

butterfly decal brooches are now only £2 each (reduced from £4 each) and come in five different butterfly species

wooden moustache brooches are now only £2 each (instead of £4 each) - choose from four different moustache styles

and finally all photo prints are now only £2.50 each (reduced from £5 each)

So go have a look around and please help spread the word about my sale. All the money from my Etsy shop is currently being plowed back into the business so every bit really does help! xoxo


  1. oooh, I love all the things you make :)
    I've got 2 sale large butterfly necklaces and a cherry brooch in my basket ready to go, I'd like to buy a mini butterfly necklace too, but I cant find them! Please help me, I need a diddy one in my life! :)


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