Friday, 23 March 2012

the little things

Writing blog posts late at night seems to be a bit of a recurring thing for me lately! It seems to be the only time I have to do it, but that's okay I guess. I've just got in from watching Los Campesinos! play at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, and my throat hurts from singing along so loudly. But before I head to bed I wanted to share a few photos of the little things in life that have been keeping me going. The last few weeks have been crazy busy, so I need all the help I can get!

these super cute hand knitted teddies I got from a charity shop in Malvern

finally getting all my accounts up to date (literally the best feeling ever!)

 instax mini photos from fun times with one of my favourite people

 this ridiculous poodle I found in a junk shop last week (it has two babies too!)

 wearing socks that look like burgers (from Lazy Oaf of course)

 the flowers coming out in our garden as a result of the gorgeous spring weather

 blue skies for miles (everything feels so much better when the sky is blue)

changing the desktop background on my computer to this super cute photo of my pupster

What little things keep you going during stressful times? xo

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