Saturday, 3 March 2012

the great escape (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago (ha, how many of my posts start like that?!) I went to stay with my bestie Lucy for a few days to escape the city and have a break. I was burnt out, having been working non-stop since about October getting ready for my Etsy shop opening. You may remember me mentioning Lucy before on my wee blog - she owns and runs Creighton's Chocolaterie along with her parents out in Leighton Buzzard. So obviously I spent some of my weekend hanging out in the shop, sampling the good....

yeah, so this chocolate bar was inspired BY ME! I'm obsessed with peanuts and chocolate, so Lucy made this chocolate bar in my honour. It tastes like a chooclate and peanut butter whoopie pie which, in case you've never had one, is basically incredible. Ignore the fact it says 'nutter' in the title - I suggested simply naming it 'the zoe' (like 'the rachel' haircut) but apparently not...

 Valentine's Day window...

 ...and Valentine's merchandise (wish I liked white chocolate!)

for some reason some of these photos have a greenish tinge - any ideas why? pretty sure it's not they type of film as I've used it before... maybe the lighting?

 BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER - I couldn't even finish it, it was so rich and chocolatey (I had already consumed half the chocolate shop by this point and it kind of pushed me over the edge!)

 I stayed at Lucy's new pad, which she has made look amazing! She has the BEST taste, particularly in art prints, and I had to take a few photos to show you my favourite bits of her house....

these prints - on their own they are ace, but together they are perfection

 painted ceramic flying geese - her living room has a kind of peach and gold vibe, but with added bits of colour

 you all know how much I love crochet blankets, and Lucy has her own little collection going on too - plus look at the plush birdie which she MADE herself (there is literally no end to her talents)


 uhhhhhhhhhh need this need this need this - can't stop thinking about this light fitting and how I could incorporate it into a photoshoot (ps. look at the bits of peach and aqua walls in the background - ahhhhhh)

These are the 'indoor' photos from my time away, and tomorrow will be the 'outdoor' photos featuring, wait for it, SNOW. Yup, these are kind of old, so there was still snow when I took them! HA! xoxo


  1. Beautiful photos. You're super lucky to have a chocolate bar named after you. I love your shoes too. Which camera + film did you use, if you don't mind sharing? I am super curious when it comes to that, always.

  2. lovely post!your pals house looks tip top!

  3. Oh, WOW! - 1) Your pal helps run a chocolate shop and 2) She made a bar just for you?! ANNND 3) She has a stuffed pigeon?! This is brilliant! X

  4. The green tinge comes from the horrific lighting in the shop. It is the bane of my life and eyes. Thanks for making my house look nice!! xx


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