Tuesday, 21 February 2012

snow fun in London

(in my mind the title words 'fun' and 'London' rhyme.... isn't there such a thing as a half-rhyme? anyway, I'm digressing very early on!)

Everyone has posted their snow photos already - except me.... yeah life has been pretty crazy round here, just for a change, and I thought maybe I shouldn't bother posting these. But I like them, and so what if they're a bit late? I'm trying to worry less about what I think I 'should' be posting, and more about what I want to post!

I love how most of these photos look almost black and white - they're not, but I guess the grey sky and the snow everywhere gives it that feeling!

got kind of obsessed with taking close ups of the snow and ice on low hanging tree branches - it was so beautiful, I just wish I'd seen some proper icicles, that would have made my life!

even though I went out at 9am there were already lots of footprints in the park from people walking up the hill to go tobogganing

the snow had started to melt already, and all you could hear was the water drip dripping off of the needles on these massive trees

this is quite possibly my favourite ever instax photo - it eventually went a bit darker than it looks in this photo, but it has this really haunted feel to it that I love

this little pupster isn't too sure about snow - it's a bit too cold and a bit too wet and a bit too deep for him I think! he did go out and play for a few minutes though and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos (he is supposed to be white, but look how dirty his fur looks against the snow!)

and finally a little bit of snowy love to all my blog followers - especially those of you who didn't get any snow of your own!


  1. Lovely photos and your dog is beautiful :)
    In Preston (where I live) we had icicles hanging from wheel trims and traffic lights! No snow now though...ahh well!

  2. I love all of these! And I'm a bit jealous of your instax in the snow, mine came out purple the first time I tried it :/ and I haven't tried it again since...

    Did you see the icicle that thomas took a photo of in scarborough? I've never seen anything like it... we had even weirder ones at work too, I'll have to send you the photo!

    Also, thank you for your lovely comment today :) I can't wait to show my Mum!

  3. These, whilst brill of their own merit, just look so nice in comp. with your blog which is so nice looking it's just all aces together. Jasp's looking fiyyyne too xx

  4. Great photos Zoe. The snow melted so early didn't it, and turned to mush pretty quickly. Jasper is adorable, I want a Jasper too! x


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