Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I left my heart in Malvern...

Waaaaay back in cold January I went to stay with my bestie Emma for a couple of days. Well I totally fell in love with Malvern, partly because of the beautiful scenery and partly because of the amazing charity shops! Here are a couple of shots from my trip - I hardly took any photos due to spending most of the time in charity shops or bookshops!

working on an embroidery on the train journey

 I can't remember where this was but I do remember there were good charity shops there...
(EDIT - Emma has just informed me this was in Ledbury. Sorry Ledbury, I know it's no fun when people forget your name...)

bright pink shop fronts = my kind of place

 the most beautiful handmade quilt you ever did see, and I got to sleep underneath it

 love these old fashioned charity collection boxes they had outside the shops

 the hills (so weird seeing big hills when all you're used to is the London streets)

 cute signage by the bucketload

So I'm pretty much ready to move to the countryside now, and looking at these photos has only made me realise just how much I miss it (and how much I miss Emma!) Has anyone out there moved from city to countryside? Or from countryside to city? How did you find it, and which did you prefer? xoxo


  1. P.s it was Ledbury where you took that photo

  2. I love Malvern, I used to spend a lot of time around there and although I love the countryside I am a city gal at heart. I like to be able to be a bit anonymous and I like to see life around me.
    BTW, I got my CD, I loved it... I will blog about it very soon, I've lost my bloggin mojo just at the mo though. Thanks so much for sending it to me, you are very sweet.
    Jo :)

  3. hello!!
    Lovely blog, thanks for stopping by ours to say hello!
    We're super excited about the Crafty Fox! It's always such a lovely event!
    See you soon.

  4. I would love to move to the country one day! Though i think i would miss the easy access to pubs and things...

    Love that quilt!


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