Thursday, 19 January 2012

a sneak peek....

I've been spending every free minute I have making things for my soon to be open Etsy shop. I'm having the BEST time (apart from several occasions when I got overcome by glue fumes and ended up with an awful headache. Oh and when I accidentally glued the paintbrush to my bamboo pad.) Although my Etsy shop will (hopefully) be opening in two weeks, I wanted to share a few peeks at some things I've been making!

First up are these wooden brooches made using vintage decals - I'm obsessed with decals right now, the blue tit (or is it a great tit?) is probably my favourite. In real life they look like tiny paintings <3

Teeny tiny little bunting made from old books, wrapped up on oversized cotton reels. My love for miniature things. combined with my love of vintage ephemera. I've got some hung up around my computer and it never fails to make me smile (not sure how many of these I will be offering up though - they take FOREVER to make as they are really fiddly. A nice craft to do whilst watching TV though...)

And finally mini wooden heart pins covered in upcycled vintage fabrics. I love the way these look all together, and I was so glad to find a way to use some of my vintage fabric stash. Am I the only person who buys clothes/bedding/fabric scraps from car boot sales just because they love the pattern or colours?

Well there they are folks - I will also be sharing more peeks next week, so be sure to check back then. Oh, and as always I post random photos over on my twitter so follow me there to see little behind the scenes updates and photos! What has everyone else been doing/making lately? I'm SO behind on my blog reading, so apologies lovely friends xoxo


  1. Loving your new pieces for your shop! I lovvve the blue tit badge!:D
    I still need your address to send you a zine :p Hope you're well!

    Emma xx

  2. ohhhh the little blue tit is just beautiful :)

  3. oh wow, you have been busy! they all look fantastic :) i love the polka dot hearts, and the birdies, awww! x

  4. they all look wonderfully fabulous! aww that bunting is the cutest thing! i'm planning on getting a shop up and running too...i need to get organised hahaha! x

  5. at school with a young enterprise programme we've made wooden accessories! we're called paper heart!/PaperHeartYE - obviously a very cool craft idea XXX

  6. OH MAN they are so cool! I will be purchasing for sure :)

  7. These are SO lovely! They would be fabulous little buttons for dresses :) I really love little wooden buttons/broaches. & these are super.



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