Tuesday, 31 January 2012

meet my helper

Pretty much every spare minute I have at the moment is spent at my desk in my craft room. I don't see anyone (except family members now and again) for days on end, and the only thing keeping me sane is music and Gilmore Girls DVDs! Luckily I have my cutie pie pupster by my side most of the day - Jasper has decided he loves lying under my desk during the day as long as I put a blanket down for him to sleep on! He's the best little helper, and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of him the other day.


  1. Such a sweet dog!


  2. Awh, always fucking adored Jasper

  3. he is adorable!! what breed is he if you dont mind my asking? x

  4. What a cutie. Love Jasper. He's the best blog dog x


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