Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lazy Oaf Shoot: a sneak peek

 Last week I headed over to Homerton for a photoshoot with Lazy Oaf, the awesome clothing company I work for. It was particularly exciting as we had been loaned a Lomography LCA-Wide for the occasion, a camera I have always had my eye on but never actually tried. I will be posting the actual photos from the shoot next week when we get them back, but for now here are some instant photos I took on my Fujifilm Instax Wide (a few people asked me last time why I use instant photos in a proper shoot - I take a photo of each sort of look/set up to check what it looks like on camera. I could use digital but I find these instant photos give a better idea of what the final film photos will look like. Plus it's nice having these miniature versions of the final images.)

 Dee (who you will probably recognise from pretty much every shoot I've ever done!) modelled for us

This is probably my favourite look from the whole day - I have this bones dress too, now I just need a long white dress to wear under it!

You won't have seen our other model, Jade, on here before - she looks awesome though and I really hope to do some more shoots with her soon

There will be more about the shoot, including a few peeks at our inspiration for the styling, next week so make sure you check back soon xoxo

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  1. I love these Zoe. I've just started trying to do photoshoots, it's so helpful to see behind the scenes of other people's shoots like this. Love that you take Instax pictures first, they look great.

    Oh, hey come to Bust Craftacular next Sunday if you're free. A bunch of us are going. I'll do a Facebook invite and add you xx


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