Wednesday, 26 October 2011

List 17: famous men who I think are rather lovely

1. Matthew Gray Gubler - although mainly as Dr Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. Something about a guy with long hair and glasses, and an abnormally high IQ...
2. Joseph Gordon Levitt - if you haven't seen Mysterious Skin then I would suggest you go watch it now and thank me later. He wears a wifebeater vest. Oh lordy. And he's pretty hot all suited and booted in Inception too.
3. Seth Green - yeahhhh he is short, but he has ginger hair and pasty skin and the cutest little elf face. Sometimes I worry about my taste in men.
4. Josh Hartnett - I have two words for you people; 'Pearl Harbour.'
5. Michael Cera - oh I love a nerdy guy, and Michael Cera has probably done more for awkward geeky guys than any other actor in recent history. I don't think I have ever loved anyone as much as I loved him in Juno.
6. Jason Schwartzmann - not only is he in several of my FAVOURITE films (Fantastic Mr Fox, Rushmore, Scott Pilgrim, and The Darjeeling Limited), but the man is in a band. A good band. He can do no wrong in my eyes.
7. Harry Judd (from McFly) - oh my goodness he is probably my perfect guy, if only he knew I existed. (boo hoo!)

Looking at this list I realise a lot of these guys are very different in terms of looks. I think that in the 'real world' (ha, I don't know why I put that in inverted commas!) I like boys with silly hair (long/floppy/fringey/wavy), that are a bit too skinny and a bit too pale to be healthy, and that dress like an old man. Also extra brownie points are awarded for playing an instrument, wearing good glasses (no fake glasses please!), owning a film camera, liking bubble team, and being able to hold a conversation about Chuck Palaniuk novels and/or horror movies.


  1. Matthew Gray Gubler is adorable! :D <3
    I watch Criminal Minds just for him

  2. I would go for Ewan Macgregor every time. Scottish, rides a motorbike, in Big Fish and oh yeah, he's hot. LOVE your new blog design! x

  3. i agree with you on joseph gordon levitt (did you see his version of nirvana's "lithium?" and jason schwartzman is my alltime favorite. i love all the boys from darjeeling limited! but where's ryan goslinggggggggggg???????



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