Wednesday, 19 October 2011

List 16: how I am able to thrift as a job without keeping everything for myself

People ask me all the time how it is that I go out thrifting and find so much good stuff, but am then able to sell it on. Don't I want to keep everything for myself? And the answer is simply this; yes, yes I do. It has gotten easier though, and here are some of my top tips for thrifting as a job...

1. I try to decide on the spot, before I even purchase an item, whether I am buying it to keep or to sell. If I start off thinking 'this is not for you, don't get too attached' then I generally don't have a problem letting go. It's kind of like if you're a surrogate mother I guess.... (ha, worst analogy ever!)

2. I set myself a small budget each time to spend on things for me. Used in conjunction with the above rule, it means I don't end up buying lots of stuff for myself and nothing to sell on! On average the split will be 80-90% to sell and 10-20% to keep.

3. I know my limits. I don't have a house of my own - in fact I share a house with four other family members, none of whom appreciate my 'tat' as they have affectionately termed it. This means that whilst I can get away with buying little knick knacks to go in my room, there is no point me keeping a set of vintage canisters, as they will inevitably end up in the loft gathering dust. When I have my own house though, this rule will go completely out the window, and I have no idea how I will restrain myself. There may have to be some sort of intervention staged.

4. I have a 'one in one out' policy on most items (although this does not include ephemera or any items I use for crafting.) If I really love something, and decide to keep it for myself, in turn I have to get rid of something else. This rule is pretty much the only thing preventing me from being buried alive by an avalanche of my own belongings.


  1. I've ALWAYS wondered how you're so restrained!

    You're right, that analogy... quor (;

  2. I really admire your ability to follow these rules... I wish I had it too, I keep buying film cameras and expired rolls... and I don't even have the time to plan a photo-walk or anything, so all that stuff is mostly useless. It makes me so happy to go through all my photo-toys, but I might consider trying to stick to some rules as well!


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