Thursday, 13 October 2011

final days of summer (part 2)

I posted part one of this a few weeks ago and then, in true Zoe fashion, forgot to post the second part. Here it is now, better late than never I always say! (also, sorry to anyone who saw a weird post pop up earlier today - it was a draft of a post I'm working on and somehow it published itself...)

Phoebe loved watching the monkeys (and I did too, probably more than she did if truth be told)

one day I hope someone puts up one of these plaques for me (I'd actually like a bench in Central Park...)

pretty sure I've made Phoebe as obsessed as I am with taking pictures of feet - such a bad influence

there was a really cute art studio but unfortunately it was shut for the day (BLP stands for Brent Lodge Park by the way...)

do people really try to feed animals in the zoo? I have never seen anyone do it, but perhaps that just means the signs are working...


the cutie pie found herself a feather, which signalled the start of a nature treasure hunt that I apparently lost

right next to the park is the prettiest church ever, with a graveyard and everything - I took a few snaps but think I'm going to use it as a photoshoot location in the near future

the results of our nature scavenger hunt (this was all we could fit into our pockets!)

Although I'm sad the weather is getting colder, and the days are getting shorter, I'm also glad to see the arrival of Autumn and Winter. It means jumpers, and mittens, and hot chocolate, and pumpkins, and fallen leaves, and blanket parties.

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