Tuesday, 13 September 2011

ladybird likes...

 Another week, another blog post of pretty things from my internet travels.....

 these incredibly detailed crocheted mushrooms (or are they toadstools?) - the blog is written in Spanish, but the pictures were enough for me to fall in love

another amazing DIY tutorial from design sponge, this time for hand dyed feather pens - how good would these be as part of a handmade stationery set, as a gift for a penpal?

 Emma, from Food Coma, never fails to amaze me with her wonderfully original recipes, like this one for nutella and yogurt popsicles

 this little clan bear brave made my heart melt - I think I'm going to adopt one for myself from the Royal Mint Etsy shop....

sometimes simple ideas are the most effective ones, and this DIY tutorial for fabric confetti from Twirling Betty definitely falls into that category. I can't wait to experiment with different colour and pattern combinations.

 what is not to love about these hand screen printed biscuit cushions? I've been a big fan of Nikki's work for a while now, but have yet to purchase a cushion of my own.... however I think I need to take the plunge.... the hardest part is deciding which one is my favourite! Get your own from her Etsy shop.

I'm thinking about changing the format of this post - I feel like it takes up a lot of blog space, which I know sounds stupid, but I like things to be neat and compact wherever possible.


  1. how amazing are those cushions, I love anything bourbon biscuit related lol

  2. Hooray for Bourbons! I had some for dinner last night...x

  3. Those popsicles!
    That bear!

    Think this is my favourite ever Ladybird Likes, who said 13 was unlucky?


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