Sunday, 21 August 2011

ladybird likes...

Oh how I love putting together these posts! It's become my favourite feature - I love finding new things online, and I hope you all do too. Here are a few pretty things I have bookmarked recently...

This tutorial for DIY fabric friendship bracelets by Elizabeth Kartchner is absolutely adorable. It'spart of her one for me one for you series over on her blog in which her blog friends make and share their own versions of the traditional friendship bracelet. Such a cute way of using up leftover fabric scraps, which I always seem to have a ton of! (found on Here's Looking At Me Kid)

 I'm so completely in love with these illustrated garlands by illustrator Kaye Blegvad. I can't for the life of me decide which one I like best though.....

 This quote makes me really happy. And the typography used makes me even happier. Get your own right here. (I'm really loving things made from wood right now - I go through phases with materials I like!)

 Was there ever any question as to whether I would love these camera cookies? They are absolutely perfect in every way. Imagine having your entire camera collection made in cookie form? I really really really want these for my birthday next year.

 I want Elle's hair. She looks like a beautiful mermaid, and I'm crazy jealous. My dream is that she will come to London and we can hang out making things with beautifully coloured hair.

 I would give anything to have been able to visit this installation by the Musee de Possibles in Montreal. Imagine lying amongst a field of rainbow coloured balloons! It's given me an idea for a photoshoot too, which I will be trying out as soon as the weather perks up a bit!

How do you all organise and bookmark things you like online? I've been using zootool for a while now, and I love it to bits, but I keep feeling like it's missing something, although I'm not sure what. Also, I think I want to start printing bits off from online and making an ideas book as sometimes I want to make notes about things I've found online. Does anyone else do this at all?

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