Sunday, 10 July 2011

your happiness is my happiness

 My friends are a pretty darn amazing bunch, and they are also super talented. I've blogged before about some of my friends and their incredible creations, and today I wanted to show you some work by my friend, the incredibly talented photographer and artist Masayo Matsuda. We met whilst studying photography at LCC and have been friends ever since, sharing a love for experimental photography and Starbucks! Her work has recently been exhibited as part of two exhibitions, which I went to check out. The first was in the Macaulay Gallery at none other than the Tate Modern!

 This was my favourite piece she had exhibited - all the work was taken while she was photographing talks and lectures at the Tate.

 The second exhibition was at Lo and Behold gallery just off Brick Lane in East London. Masayo exhibited one of my favourite ever pieces she has made which shows her demolishing a wall made of tofu. (not very clear in this photo as I wanted to fit all three frames in, but they are gorgeous in real life!)

I am so lucky to have friends who constantly inspire me to work towards my goals, and who are involved in so many creative endeavours. I love supporting them, because they support me in everything I do.

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  1. these are lovely, you're a good friend


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