Wednesday, 6 July 2011

thrifted finds

The thrifting has been really good around these parts lately. It's been making me think and rethink some business ideas... you know the sort of ideas you have and instantly dismiss as not being viable or sensible, yet they stick in the back of your mind in a way that almost forces you to reevaluate your hasty dismissal of them? Let's just say they involve thrifting, reselling, and a caravan. Although I know it won't happen this year, I am slowly working towards overcoming some of the obstacles, which is very exciting.

But, for now let me share some of my recent finds which, as always, are available to purchase in the Ayoka Charity Shop Boutique on Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green. I've even been making some tags with my blog details on them, which I'm going to blog about really soon.

(I may or may not have decided to keep this.... even though I have no image slides for it, I love the colour, and it keeps my other viewmasters company!)

absolutely loved sorting through these stencils - they were the most random shapes

I used to work as a freelance audio typist, so these books teaching touch typing (although on a typewriter rather than a computer) were fascinating. Especially as some young lady had already completed the exercises and you could see her progress.

shot glasses with hunting scenes - not everyone's taste, but I adore them

vintage travel solitaire, just in time for the holiday season

yep, my obsession with 1970s prints continues in the shape of this tin tray

I assume these were for fondue, although they don't seem long enough... the illustration on the box seemed to suggest they were for eating canapes, which I thought was hilarious

Baby Ben clock by Westclox - one day I'm going to start a collection of wind up Westclox clocks and then my life will be complete

Ilfomatic camera (wanted to add this one to my collection so badly)

A SEASHELL OWL - what's not to love?

one of my all time favourite purchases - set of 6 glasses and a jug with bird pattern. Can't you imagine serving Pimms in this over the summer? (I'm such a saleswoman at heart!)

creepy clown fiestaware moneybox - how could I resist?

set of three collectable Royal Hornsea storage jars - when I have my 1960s/70s inspired kitchen these are going at the top of my wish list

Lots of people have commented asking how I can bear to part with such lovely things - and I'm not going to lie to you, sometimes it is so hard. On more than one occasion my mother has had to prise an especially nice piece out of my hands and pack it up for me. But the thing is as much as I love everything I buy, there is no possible way for me to keep more than the tiniest fraction of my finds. I live at home with four other family members, plus a dog who has made his mission in life to search out and destroy anything belonging to me. So for now I am content to be able to feed my thrifting addiction, photograph all the lovely things I find, and make a bit of money out of it.


  1. I often see stuff in charity shops and car boot sales that I love but have no use for/ space for. It must be great being able to buy those finds, even if you don't get to keep them you know someone else will enjoy them. I love the bird jug and glasses! xx

  2. i have forks like those! Don't know what the hell I'm ever gona use them for...


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