Thursday, 28 July 2011

List 8: things I heart about summer

I'm not really a summer loving gal. (not summer loving in the Grease sense - just loving summer) Being pale-skinned means I burn easily so can't be out in the sun for too long. Also I have a ridiculously low tolerance for heat, and tend to get really whiney and want to sit down when the temperature goes above about 21 degrees celsius! But for all my complaining I do love so many things about summer, and these are just some of them....

1.wearing dresses without tights
2. avocados are in abundance - I love them just mashed up on toasted ciabatta
3. summer is family BBQ season, which means homegrown tomatoes, grilled halloumi, and new potatoes (yes, for me the perks of summer are almost entirely food-based)
4. picnic dates
5. sitting in the garden reading books
6. hearing the ice cream van
7. long walks in the park with my dog
8. blowing bubbles
9. visiting the seaside - my favourite things to do are sitting in deckchairs, buying really cheesy souvenirs, playing in the amusement arcades, eating chips covered in vinegar, and taking photos of the sea.
10. bubble tea
11. putting up fairy lights in the back garden
12. blue skies
13. drinking cider sitting on the pavement with my Carnaby Street girls
14. putting my collection of sunglasses to use (last count I had 31 pairs)
15. birthday cake (my birthday is in August and almost every year I get a double decker red velvet cake from Hummingbird Bakery)
16. sitting on the roof (not the proper roof - we have an extension and you can climb out of my bedroom window onto the roof of this) at night wrapped in a blanket looking at the world
17. mojitos. and lots of them.
18. endless days of sunshine
19. iced coffee
20. being outdoors as much as humanly possible
21. lying in bed at night with all the windows open
22. huge bowls of ice cold ripe cherries
23. smelling lavender growing in our garden
24. pick your own fruit farms
25. driving through the countryside with all the windows down
26. walking around the house in bare feet
27. visiting fun fairs
28. ice cream every single day
29. hearing seagulls outside
30. getting to use my wicker picnic basket


  1. Mojito mojito (:

  2. Oh I LOVE this list! I moved to Australia 5 years ago and your list just took me back to Blighty. I miss the sound of English seagulls and going to the seaside and playing in the arcades. The sound of the ice cream van (my mom used to drive one when I was very young) is so the sound of summer and there is nothing that beats a drive in the Bristish countryside and stopping off at a gorgeous little pub on the way back from picking your own strawbs. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm all nostaligic now with a little smile on my dial!
    Jo :)


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