Thursday, 2 June 2011

thrifted finds

Last weekend I went car booting with two of my lovely friends, Siobhan and Jill. I was primarily looking out for items to sell through Ayoka Charity Boutique (I source vintage items for their store in Bethnal Green) but as always I was on the lookout for any items to add to my collections, or just anything a bit unusual. Here's my haul from the day.... (excluding the items for Ayoka which I will be posting about in a couple of days)

a super kitsch budgie brooch for my vintage brooch collection

 letter cards - they were from an old spelling game, like scrabble but without the board - I will be using them for craft projects and for personalising gift wrapping

 teeny tiny playing cards with ships on to add to my collection of unusual playing cards (which I will be sharing very soon as part of my collections project)

 a vintage Brownie reflex camera - I see quite a lot of these at car boots but they are always too pricey (like £5, which is expensive for me!) but this one was a steal at £2.

 vintage polka dot plimsolls for a quid (I have loads of thrifted clothes I bought recently - should I blog pictures or am I the only person who cares that I got a dress for 50p?!)

 this cute little tub is full of vintage cigarette cards with all sorts of gorgeous images on (and I got the whole lot for £2.50)

 I LOVE DYMO! I have a new one but have always lusted after the vintage ones on Etsy... now I have one of my very own! And it came with a TON of tape (seriously about 25 rolls of the stuff, although my dog ate one when I got home) for only £2!

 (yeah, not just boring black tape, but coloured ones too!)

 two spoons to add to my collection (for reals, I collect everything)

 I wanted to give you some warning before I shared this final purchase.... if you are prone to thrifting envy (as I am most certainly a sufferer) then I'd suggest you stop reading here because I found one of my greatest boot sale buys ever....


it had a film in it  but I buggered that up trying to work out why it wouldn't advance properly... but look at her.... my very own Diana to keep my Diana Mini company. 

Sigh, I am a happy girl! You can read Siobhan's blog post about all her amazing finds right here. Oh, and I'm always looking for boot sale buddies, so if you live in the London area and want to rummage through other people's junk with me, then just holler!


  1. a diana and kodak reflex for £2?!?!?!!

    Wow, I need to car booting with you!


  2. though I don't live in London :( boo

  3. I live a bit near London, we'll go sometime! Are those letter cards Kan-U-Go? Love that game, used to play it with my family in the tent on holiday and my mum's got this story about when she first met my Granddad (who was a vicar before he died) they were all playing K-U-G and she was really shocked because he put down 'shag' which, given he was a man of the church and that, must have been quite a surprise... apparently he just looked at everyone and justified it as being a type of bird...

    Though there are lots of types of bird, even excluding inferior female connotations you could have a pair of great tits (which also happens to be my favourite joke)

  4. diana for 2 pounds! you did so well zoe, proud of ya :D

  5. What gorgeous vintage treasures you've come by!!! I really love that little bin of cigarette cards- things like that can be really inspiring. I recently bought a bunch of old postcards from the '20s- I just love to look at them every so often. (Makes me wish I lived near London...!) xx

  6. Wow. Yes please! Let's go car booting together! I want a Diana for £2!

  7. Wow, great finds! I'm amazed that you scored a Diana for 2 pounds! And I've wanted a Dymo foreverrr. Hehe, they're such fun.

  8. Amazing, am jealous of the Dymo!!


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